Skyica Privacy Policy

Last updated: April 22, 2023

This document describes how Skyica LLC collects and handles your data.

We highly respect your privacy and collect and use your data only as required to provide and improve our services.

Analytical data to improve our services are only ever collected anonymously.

Further, we do not share your data with any third party.

App Finder

The IP addresses of incoming search queries are evaluated on our servers to prevent attacks and to determine your country (this is to show you the apps available in your country on Google Play, your local prices, and the age-ratings for your country).

If you make in-app purchases, IDs of the purchases are saved on our servers for fraud prevention and to possibly offer you future discounts. But note that we cannot identify you from these IDs (just Google could).

No other information that could identify you is collected.

The collection of “Device and other IDs” declared in the data safety section on Google Play refers only to anonymous Installation IDs that are created when App Finder is installed on a device, they may be reset by re-installing it. No data that could identify your individual devices is collected.

Your search queries are processed and stored only in association with your Installation IDs and countries, not in association with your IP addresses or purchase IDs.

Some information about your configuration of App Finder and your hardware (like screen-size and -resolution) may be collected anonymously for analytics.

Your search queries and other data are deleted or disassociated from your Installation IDs after 31 days at the latest.

Other Apps

Our app Precision Color does not collect any personal data.


Our website currently does not collect any personal data and does not use cookies.

Changes to this privacy policy

We may change our privacy policy from time to time. For changes affecting an app you use, we will notify you in-app before the changes take effect. For changes affecting a website, there will be a notice on the site.

Responsible entity (“data controller”)

Skyica LLC

2590 Welton Street
Ste. 200 #9235
Denver, CO 80205


Phone: +1 720 594 4550

For questions or inquiries, please contact us!