"It is practically perfect"

★★★★★ Mar 28, 2024,  Google Play

"BEST free app I've ever stumbled on. the free version can filter searches by; category, downloads, ratings, amount of ratings, countries, & more. NO intrusive or pop up ads. takes a little tinkering, but it's found exactly what i needed, every single time. [...]"

★★★★★ Feb 12, 2024,  Google Play

"The best search engine for Google Play that I have seen."

★★★★★ Dec 10, 2023,  Google Play

"Its awesome"

★★★★★ Jan 29, 2024,  Google Play


★★★★★ Jan 25, 2024,  Google Play

"Works as intended and even exceeded my expectations. It's a must if you are keen to find the best app to suit your needs."

★★★★★ Nov 18, 2023,  Google Play

"App Finder is the best search engine to find apps in Playstore.

For example, yesterday I was looking for an app to display the smartphone's screen refresh rate in real time. I simply used the word "Refresh Rate" in the App Finder search (with quotes, in English and no filter).

I was immediately shown apps that I could view with all relevant information (last update, with or without ads, developer, app preview with description and images). I was then able to access the respective app directly in the Playstore using the “Playstore” link and found what I was looking for pretty quickly. [...]

If I had looked directly in the Playstore for an app that offered this function, I would still be looking for it now and wouldn't find it.

Therefore, I have to give a clear recommendation for the App Finder app. A very cool app!"

Oct 30, 2023,  Product Hunt

"It is really a wonderful program that helps in searching for any programs in Google Play."

★★★★★ Jul 29, 2023,  Google Play

"So cool to see this on ProductHunt!

I've been using App Finder for a few months, and it's by far the easiest way for me to find new apps (I primarily use it for finding Android games).

I love the many filters and advanced search options.

Hope you'll keep it up, as there's nothing quite like this out there."

Oct 30, 2023,  Product Hunt

"The closest thing there is to an "advanced search" for the Google Play Store. It proves useful to find underrated apps that may have been buried by Google's algorithm. [...]"

★★★★★ Dec 11, 2023,  Product Hunt

"Great app, solves what is probably the biggest problem with Google Play:

The search is horrible and only shows apps that are already popular or have paid for, making it almost impossible to find new and interesting stuff, keep it up"

★★★★★ Aug 12, 2023,  Google Play

"I had been using this app as well and liking it so far. On the free version. Using for the detailed results view. I wonder why Google doesn't provide these features within Play store."

Jan 23, 2024,  Reddit

"If you want to find the best app for your phone, Appfinder will do the best job. I don't regret making the Lifetime Purchase.

1) Developer is very good and generous. 2) Easy to find the right app, which app is on sale or discounted."

★★★★★ Nov 15, 2023,  Google Play

"It greatly improves searches for apps from the Play Store, very flexible. It is a unique application."

★★★★★ Jul 15, 2023,  Google Play

"Hey, this is really awesome. I'm impressed by the quality and detail that has gone into this app and thread. Google Play Store search is so incredibly bad, this is much needed. [...]"

Nov 2, 2023,  XDA Forums

"When I unlock my phone, the first app I open is App Finder. Then, I must see which apps have gone from being on sale to free, and then I will download them. I have downloaded many apps when they were on sale for free, which now have become expensive.

I purchase a lifetime, and I do not regret it at all; I am very happy with App Finder. I hope that App Finder will become the best app for finding app sales and free apps and the dev of App Finder will commited to regularly update to become to become the best App Finder."

★★★★★ Dec 11, 2023,  Product Hunt

"Finally you can find super good apps that are suppressed by Google!

Because when you search on the web on Google as well as in the Playstore, first the paid results are displayed. Most of the time you won't see what you're looking for. Google lives from advertising, so quality doesn't matter."

★★★★★ Aug 20, 2023,  Google Play

"Good app. The app help me a lot for checking my apps statistics in real time. Thanks and continue."

★★★★★ Nov 13, 2023,  Google Play

"Finally another app finder than google play store. Google Play mostly dosent have the apps that I want to download so I hope this app finder does.

Really great for people like myself who like testing or get bored of apps or games and continually download new apps and games."

Oct 30, 2023,  Product Hunt

"This app has the features that makes browsing on Play Store useless. [...]"

★★★★★ Nov 20, 2023,  Google Play

"It's great app, it solves the problem of finding the required app from sea of apps"

★★★★★ Jul 31, 2023,  Google Play

"This is a great filter when looking for apps, either by rating, or # of downloads. Its a godsend when you also sub to Play Pass."

★★★★★ Dec 31, 2023,  Google Play

"Thank you so much for the true black theme it's the best true dark black theme I've ever seen"

★★★★★ Sep 1, 2023 ,  Google Play

"Really fast and easy way to browse the Google Play library. Great functionality includes filters for "Play Pass," high star ratings, popular downloads and a variety of other options.

Super useful as a free utility!"

★★★★★ Dec 25, 2023 ,  Google Play

"App Finder is a sophisticated app.. I think like it will be gonna a handy tool for searching and watchlisting purpose.. Must app have.. Highly recommended ;) Dev seems to be positive regarding his app."

★★★★★ Nov 1, 2023,  Product Hunt

"Nice concept and good implementation!"

★★★★★ Sep 1, 2023,  Google Play

"Much better app search."

★★★★★ Oct 21, 2023,  Google Play

"Great App To sorting premium game and free game. It do better job than Google play store. I recommend it."

★★★★★ Jul 3, 2023,  Google Play

"it's amazing. allows you to find a lot of apps you usually don't using the search on the ps"

★★★★★ Mar 27, 2024,  Google Play

"Marvellous App"

★★★★★ Feb 10, 2024,  Google Play

"Very Useful. This is a great application, that truly helps you find applications you're looking for.

It shows you descriptions and screenshots right up front...unlike the play store where all you get to see is a bunch of icons. Not to mention the great comparisons that they do."

★★★★★ Sep 4, 2023,  Google Play

"A lot of apps the play store doesn't ever show you"

★★★★★ Mar 18, 2024,  Google Play


★★★★★ Jul 2, 2023,  Google Play

"An excellent tool for finding apps in the ridiculously large Play Store. Incredible still not having filters. Many options and various views; really excellent."

★★★★★ Aug 4, 2023,  Google Play

"Awesome app for finding exactly what you want and not what the Play Store throws at you."

★★★★★ Jul 4, 2023,  Google Play

"Wonderful alternative to Play Store."

★★★★★ Nov 5, 2023,  Product Hunt

"An insider tip so far. Subscribed immediately for a week, good concept. The best app in the store! lol"

★★★★★ Dec 18, 2023,  Google Play

"Excellent app. Never a problem."

★★★★★ Sep 4, 2023,  Google Play

"App Finder is a game changer for app discovery on Android.

This delights both app enthusiasts and everyday users with its diverse sorting and filtering options. The advanced search queries and the ability to combine different criteria [...] are particularly impressive.

The results view stands out, presenting abundant information in a simplified format. This info would otherwise require lots of clicks on Google Play store search results. With detailed built-in help, the app ensures a user-friendly experience. I am surprised that for the amount of data how fast this app is.

Packed with features, I believe this is a must-have app, offering an enhanced Google Play store search experience on steroids!"

★★★★★ Jan 24, 2024,  Product Hunt

"App Finder stands out with significant innovation. For me, it appeared surprisingly, and gets 6 stars in the hope that it won't disappear as quickly."

★★★★★ Jun 23, 2023,  Google Play

"Thank you for making this! This is a fantastic alternative to the (intentionally crippled) Google Play store search. I can finally search for what I want, and not feel like I'm only getting back ads."

★★★★★ Jan 12, 2024,  Google Play

"Frustrated with searching through the Google Play store? This app is your answer!"

★★★★★ Jan 15, 2023,  Google Play

"[...] best app for finding good games, the new monetization is extremely fair. 2$ a month. Ui is clean and sleek.

There's nothing else on the market or web that has as many apps indexed as this one does. Great developer"

★★★★★ Apr 2, 2023,  Google Play

"The app is great - don't listen to anyone saying otherwise. Especially screenshots in the feed - super helpful.

I've sifted through all 4700+ Adventure games without ads, and now I have over 100 new games to try and potentially enjoy.

And there are still other categories to try. So I am stoked for a long time.

Good job."

Jul 2, 2023,  Reddit

"Loving it so far. The results update very fast too. I noticed if I change the filter for something like user rating, the number of apps in the results updates instantaneously. I am pleasantly surprised at the speed of the search and the number of options. [...]"

Jan 23, 2024,  Reddit

"This sounds promising. A particular challenge I currently face is finding apps and games that are suitable for children and meet their needs. It seems to be yielding much better results than the existing solutions."

Oct 30, 2023,  Product Hunt

"Much better navigation than the Playstore. I can finally filter and sort apps sensibly!"

★★★★★ Aug 26, 2023,  Google Play

"Great app for android, that hasn't got the same issues as the Play Store.

Many great apps are very hard to find, even if they are high quality, highly useful, innovative, or have unique features. "Finding" apps on Play S. depends on your personal data collected . Play S. prefers popularity over keyword match, and paying developers over non-paying. It shows loads of irrelevant apps.

App Finder got no such problems. Ad-free, keyword search results + more specific by adding keywords. LOVE it!!"

★★★★★ Aug 22, 2023,  Google Play

"Finally! An app finder that's not the Google Play Store. Great for people who like to test new apps and games. More variety than the Google Play Store. Worth checking out!"

Oct 30, 2023,  Product Hunt

"Great way how to spread installs between bigger and smaller devs, not only focusing on the famous name of company. Thanks guys, good job!"

★★★★★ Aug 14, 2023,  Google Play

[..]The app is aesthetically appealing.. Dev is so much supportive tbh and U can count on him.. I will suggest please buy the app and support him as so many costs are there.. U will never regret..

As I asked him, he is planning to bring multiple app store support with appsales like feature when price drops etc and app history..

~ A happy user :)"

★★★★★ Nov 1, 2023,  Google Play

"Good work. Great to see all details of an application."

★★★★★ Aug 13, 2023,  Google Play

"Great app! This idea is helpful for some app users and especially great for new apps and new developers whose apps are not easy to be discovered.

Neither App store nor Play store allows advanced searching nowadays. [...]"

Nov 14, 2023,  Reddit

"I give it 5 stars, it searches super fast! [...]"

★★★★★ Aug 21, 2023,  Google Play

"We really like this app. It discovers hidden apps and gives clear info about android apps. We wish you to boom very soon. We will recommend this for other app users."

★★★★★ Aug 19, 2023,  Google Play

"Great app resourceful THANKS ALOT ALWAYS."

★★★★★ Oct 7, 2023,  Google Play

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